The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 4

Jun 17, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary

Week #4 of the Sunday SHTF Survival Summary.  This week we heard a lot more about the US military’s plans on surveillance and keeping control of the American people.  Let’s take a look at the highlights of the week.


1. Mac over at outlined how the Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement are banding together to monitor and control the population of the US.  Will this put an end to the American people having the freedom to protest and demonstrate?  With the ability to broadly classify events as “domestic terrorism”, there won’t be much the military cannot do to control the American people.

2. The simulated urban raids continued in the US as the military conducted “realistic urban training” drills in Long Branch, NJ on two abandoned apartment buildings.  This continues the trends seen in Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.  It’s pretty clear that the US government is readying themselves for civil unrest and more.  I believe they are also doing these in highly populated areas to see how the common folk react.  I’m sure thus far it’s mostly been shock and stunned silence.  The geographic hopping they are doing are likely trying to gauge reactions in what areas will be the most volatile.

3. Greeks are set to vote this week on what will be a key swing in what direction they take to avoid total collapse.  Many believe that it won’t matter if the Greeks choose the Syriza or New Democracy party – pain will be inevitable.  A win for Syriza could mean that the economic loan package could be pulled by Germany.  A victory for New Democracy means greater austerity measures which have already put people on the brink.


4. Despite all the rhetoric from the Obama administration, jobless claims unexpectedly grew last week.  The job market continues to remain very tight despite the forced growth in the public sector.  Companies are still struggling and have no intention of hiring to the levels prior to the 2008 collapse.  If they are, they are favoring jobs overseas where they can get cheap labor.  Unfortunately, we’ll see a big slow down in the summer as hiring tends to die down.


5. Keeping with the urban survival theme, Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre gave Survival And Beyond his thoughts on surviving in a city environment when the SHTF.  Fernando has had amazing survival experiences in Argentina during their economic collapse.  In fact, I have read his book “Surviving The Economic Collapse” and highly recommend it.  It’s truly an opportunity to get advice from someone that experienced this collapse firsthand.

Please be sure to stay up to date on your SHTF survival information and keep prepping.

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