The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 6

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SHTF Sunday Summary

Week #6 of the Sunday SHTF Survival Summary.  Every so often you have to sit back and enjoy yourself a bit.  Things are tough and there is not a lot of hope for things to get better but that is when you need a little levity.  I’ve come across several uplifting and distracting articles over the past week and thought it would be good to share them this week.  Enjoy.


1. I personally love all articles referencing a zombie apocalypse.  I don’t know why but I cannot get enough of those.  Preparedness Pro covers an interesting angle with keeping an eye the zombies with surveillance cameras.  I really like the zombie cartoon which has a green zombie complete with two different sized eyes and a bow tie.  Good stuff.


2. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is one of my favorite shows on television.  Stewart and team excel at poking fun at the mainstream media along with giving their slant on world events.  With the struggles of Spain and Italy, the Daily Show has a skit on the failing currencies of these countries.  While it’s a bit concerning, it’s very funny.


3. Keeping morale up is important in any battle.  Modern Survival Online has an list of 10 interesting ways to boost morale during tough times.  My personal favorite is #8 when they address keeping your kids active with “school work”.  Flash cards and homemade workbooks can keep the children engaged while educating them as well.

4. Most of the US has seen quite a heat wave over the last week.  Combine that with power outages on the east coast and you have some very warm folks with little chance for relief.  Survival Mom has a great and fun little list of ways to keep cool when the temps rise.  I’ll certainly be using these in the coming days as we’re in the mid 90’s here.

5. We tend to focus on prepping being having the right supplies.  However, we don’t always keep the basics in mind.  Staying clean is paramount to remaining healthy when access to health care will be challenging at best.  The Redneck Survivalist has an amusing and helpful piece on the importance of staying clean.

There you have it.  Remember, although times ahead are likely tough, you need to keep a positive attitude to help keep your mind right.  All the best friends.

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  1. That’s one thing I had questions about and that was how to keep kids occupied during tough times and situations.

    • Hi Jeff – my feelings on that is you have to get the kids used to not having so many luxuries / comforts now. This means dialing back the video games, TV, and other electronics. Having game nights with board games, encouraging reading books and having them help with chores is a start. Kids will have the hardest adjustment as they are so used to having everything instantly. Easing them into it when things are still good is a great way to start.