The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 7

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SHTF Sunday Summary

Week #7 of the Sunday SHTF Survival Summary.  A bit more focus on prepping this week as I read several good articles on power generation and transportation.  Have to be honest as I’m a bit worried about the dropping price of gold and silver but the euro is driving most of that.  Here we go.


1. Very thought provoking article from who I’ve followed for awhile.  He asks the question, “What If We Stop Buying Stuff?”  Really interesting points on renting and how home ownership can be a complete sucking sound.  What do you think?


2. I saw a very neat article about converting a bicycle into a power generator.  How handy it would be have a manual way to power things that are normally not powered this way.  This is the kind of stuff I love to read about and incorporate into my planning.

3. I like to stick to survival type sites but occasionally I do read wikiHow.  They had a great article on surviving a heat wave that was very timely given the sweltering temperatures across the US this past week.  Some nice practical tips like hitting the local library if your power or AC goes out.

4. As a big fan of Falling Skies, I found the article on the usefulness of motorcycles interesting.  If you haven’t seen Falling Skies – take a look, good show with some sci-fi action in it.  In the show they use motorcycles quite frequently as scouts.  The biggest disadvantage of a motorcycle when the SHTF is being able to defend yourself.

5. Jeff Thomas at asks us all why we are ignoring the obvious.  He covers the recent events by the US government and how folks should be running for the hills given what’s taken place.  So, why aren’t we packing now?

6. ReThinkSurvival gives his advice against generators, though (as he says) sometimes he’s wrong.  Personally, I have a generator which I view as a necessity.  There is something to be said for portable power when you absolutely need it.  I’ve used it many times and highly recommend this one.

Another week in the books and things don’t seem to be getting better out there.  Keep a look out on various sites as we’re planning a series of guest posts in the coming weeks.  Remember, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

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