The Sunday SHTF Summary – Week 2

Jun 3, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday SummaryInteresting week especially with the market drop on Friday.  There is certainly a lot more chatter about a coming collapse.  Let’s get to it.

1. Apparently the very rich have seen the need to prep for when the SHTF.  Purchasing old missile silos have become popular as preppers look for optimal living conditions in the event of a disaster.  All of the converted missile silos have been sold in Kansas, most for a cool $7 million USD.  Perhaps the wealthy are realizing that paper wealth doens’t mean too much.

2. Retailers in Greece and parts of Europe are readying for potential social unrest by planning to shutter up stores before things go bad.  The interesting thing will be what these retailers think the trigger will be for the SHTF.  When things turn, they turn quickly.  You have to believe stores like Walmart, Target and others will have similar plans here in the US.

3. The folks at Off Grid Survival ask the question, is a global financial disaster inevitable?  After laying out some sobering statistics, the question is asked to the reader – Are You Ready?  I think many of us agree it is inevitable but how many more dominoes have to fall before it happens?

4. You always hear about Bug Out Bags (BOBs) and Bug Out Locations (BOLs) but do we really consider BOTs – Bug Out Transportation?  We think our car/truck or minivan will serve us well but there is more to consider there.  Practical transportation will be key and you’ll have to be creative to survive.

5. We prep for disaster by gathering supplies, building out locations and finding weapons, but what about our finances?  Remember, the bank is still expecting the mortgage payment each month.  This site also has very useful information on getting started with prepping in general with a What Should I Do page.

So what did you do to prep this week?

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