The Sunday SHTF Summary

May 27, 2012 by

SHTF Sunday Summary
Since there is so much going on each week, I thought it would be useful to recap with some thoughts on each story.  So here is the first Sunday SHTF Summary.

1.  Detroit has decided to shut down nearly half of the city’s 88,000 street lights due to rising costs.  This will result in residents migrating into a smaller area and those unlighted areas becoming even more dangerous.  Worse yet, there are many other cities that have taken to doing the same as municipal budgets become more unsustainable.  Is this coming to a city near you?

2. Richard Leakey says the debate about evolution will soon come to an end.  Leakey believes that indisputable evidence will soon come to light that will force even the most rigid skeptics to accept it.  Definitely not a popular opinion as he is not only angering one religion but all religions.  It will be curious to see what Mr. Leakey is referring to in the coming months/years.

3. Stat of the week: Half of US households are receiving some type of government assistance.  49.1% to be exact.  This is up from 30% in 1983 and the highest it has ever been.  The article gets into the proper way to deal with this problem despite it being unpopular.

4. The SHTF WTF moment of the week: Japan’s nuclear site disaster could cause large part of the Northern Hemisphere to become uninhabitable.  It seems that the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plants has worsened and the mainstream media is not reporting it.  Water is evaporating in the site and the heat and radiation there is too high to measure.  We’ve already seen an increase in birth defects in North America from what has already leaked from Japan.  If the situation is allowed to be ignored, we run the risk of letting a fixable problem take down our planet.

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