The Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly – Week 31 Fiscal Cliff Prepping

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SHTF Sunday Summary Fiscal Cliff Prepping
Well folks, this week we managed to dodge the end of the world – at least according to the Mayans.  Now that we have a second chance, we’re going to focus this week’s Sunday SHTF Summary on economic signs, fiscal cliff prepping and some survival prepping basics.  We’re going to make sure we’re ready for the real coming collapse.  Also, we remind our readers about helping those have been dealt a bad hand (see #5).


1) Doomsday Preppers or Dooming Preppers

We’ve been following the new season of Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic channel along with live tweeting and voting for each episode.  You can see some of those results here.  It seems like there are two camps of viewers of this show.  Those that are preppers at heart or interested in prepping and those that are watching to laugh at, what they consider to be crazy folks.

The folks at Preparedness Advice take issue with the show’s advice as they believe some of the advice is lacking the detail needed to make it effective.  In addition, Howard is concerned on how they portray the featured preppers.  What do you think about how preppers come off on the show?

2) Useful Guide From The Government

I have an app on my phone with survival how-to information.  While that is great for everyday use, the idea is to use it when the SHTF and electronics have a very short life span (due to power issues).  I’ve printed some material which I keep in my SHTF closet but I would like one encompassing guide to turn to when it all goes south.

One of our faves, Gaye from Backdoor Survival, fills us in on a useful guide from FEMA that you can obtain in a hard copy.  At the very least, grab a few copies for your extended family.  Add it to what you will be reading on the fiscal cliff prepping.  Real useful.


3) Numbers That Make You Cringe

2012 is nearly done and it’s a good time to take a look back at some economic numbers from the past year (as bad as it was).  As always, Mike from Economic Collapse, brings us great numbers that help tell an amazing story – almost too crazy to believe.   In this article he covers the poverty rate, food stamps, unemployment and housing to name a few.

The most amazing one I heard…40% of Americans have $500 or less in savings.  What?!  That is amazing to me.  Another that blew me away – in 2006 12% of federal works made more than $100,000 per year.  Now, that number is 22% a mere 6 years later.  This is a good segway to some fiscal cliff prepping.

4) Fiscal Cliff Prepping

We’ve all heard about the coming problem on January 1 and it’s time to discuss some fiscal cliff prepping.  While we face potential pain in the new year, I think most of us can foresee Congress averting this disaster with yet another band-aid.  However, there are few positives to the coverage this fiscal cliff prepping is getting.

Charles, from Financial Sense, writes a piece that does create a bit of hope.  In it he highlights the fact that we’re starting to realize  as a nation, that we cannot continue to borrow our way out of debt.  Ron Paul and others pleading for fiscal sanity are finally starting to be heard.  This fiscal cliff prepping is a step in the right direction at least.  Will we solve it next year or even in the next 10, not likely but the conversations are heading in the right direction.

Also, Charles highlights the triple whammy related to more retirees, fewer people dying and a smaller tax base.  Check it out.  Forget fiscal cliff prepping, we should start talking about a social security abyss.  A bit scary.

5) It’s The Holidays…Let’s Help

A few weeks back I wrote about a young man that is battling a rare brain tumor.  You can check out the recent story on  9 year old Tyreek Tramell is battling a cancerous tumor in his brain that is inoperable.  We admire Tyreek’s commitment to his church going, his spirit and passion to survive.  So, we will continue to donate 10% of all advertising revenue to help with Tyreek’s medical care.

I challenge all my readers to help Tyreek as well.  Whatever you can give will help.  If you do donate, please drop me a note.  The site is  Battle on young man.

Happy Holidays all.  We should all be very thankful for what we have.


  1. Hey Survivor Mike – Just want to give you a shout to thank you for the nod as one of your faves. Now I have big shoes to fill LOL.

    Have a wonderful holiday and keep on prepping!



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