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As we wrap up 2012, it’s the perfect time to assess our preps and work on a plan for getting ready for 2013.  We all dodged Armageddon 2012 and now have to be ready for a new challenge.  This week’s Sunday SHTF Survival Summary covers our prepping plans and best practices for the new year.


1) Survival Prepper Mistakes

We all like to think we have our stuff together and know what we’re doing as a prepper.  Face it, many of us love to criticize the featured preppers on Doomsday Preppers and cite everything they do wrong.  However, I’m sure we’re all guilty of missing key components of agreed upon best practices.

Gaye, at Backdoor Survival, brings us 9 Mistakes Typically Made By Preppers.  My favorite, as many of you probably guessed, is #6 – underestimating other humans as a threat.  Anyone that has experienced extended widespread power outages has seen the beginnings of this.  People quickly lose their minds and revert back to their basest human instinct – survival.  Remember, we are animals (some of us more than others).

2) Wall Safes – How To

Many of us have purchased a safe of some type to keep valuables.  One of the biggest intimidations for people is installing those safes instead of just having them as free standing.  Prepper-Resources has detailed a great how-to article on installing a wall safe.  And its easier than you think.

I always thought this would be quite involved and time consuming but PJ managed to do it in 15 minutes…and this included stopping to take pictures along the way.  If you have a safe, mounting it in the wall is a great way to a) save space and b) deter thieves from walking away with your safe in the hopes of opening it later.

3) Prepping On The Go

I’ll be the first to admit that my family car is packed with unnecessary junk.  This is junk that will be of no use if we decide we need to get out of Dodge.  I recently packed a small emergency kit with tools, preps.  However, after reading Modern Survival’s Winter Preps To Keep In Your Car, I will be adding to this emergency kit.

Besides some key basic items, things you don’t think about are included here like walking shoes.  You don’t leave the house each time thinking about having to walk 10 miles – don’t be caught in your dress shoes.

4) Never Too Late To Start Prepping

I’ve talked to many would  be preppers who are feel like they need to be prepping but don’t have a clue where to start AND feel that they are so far behind as well.  I now have a place to point them to.

The Organic Prepper gives you a great starting point in Is It Too Late To Start Prepping.  We’ve attempted to give folks a start here, but I will be adding this to our list of recommended reading for sure.

US Economy

5) Will America Wake Up?

Ed Mattson, at Veterans Today, offers an interesting take on how it seems that America has lost its’ way when it comes to entitlements.  We seem to be quick to help those that do not add much to society but ignore those that have fought to keep us safe.

Really great point about the cuts the government has offered to make and how it equates to 1/35,000th of a percent.  For the normal family, it would equate to cutting 6 cents from a $2,000 a month budget.  Crazy.

Please, also remember our friend Tyreek who is still courageously battling cancer.  You can donate here.  We will be sending our payment (10% of ad revenue) to him tomorrow for the month of December.

Also, if you have articles you feel should be featured in the Sunday SHTF Survival Weekly, feel free to send them to me here.  

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