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Product Spotlight: SunJack Portable Solar Charger (14W)

In this review, we’ll be rating the very handy SunJack Portable Solar Phone Charger (14W).

Recommended Rating: 5 Stars ★★★★★

Portable power for your communication devices is becoming a requirement for most everyone, especially preppers.

How many times do you see people sitting on the floor next to outlets at airports, restaurants or coffee shops?  Battery life isn’t what it used to be and our phones are doing more and more with the multitude of apps out there.

Portable chargers have become very popular, but very few can deliver the fast power required.  Even fewer still can grab enough solar power quickly to power much of anything.

That is why we were surprised by the SunJack Solar Phone Charger.  CLICK below to order one.

SunJack Solar Phone Charger

The SunJack

The Solar Phone Charger Story

To test it out thoroughly I had a unique situation present itself.  I was going on a camping/survival trip with my son for two days.  Without power cords, I had to have my phone with me.

You see, I was due to hear about a potential job offer I desperately needed.  Around noon of the first day, my phone was down to 20% as my battery drains quickly on my iPhone4.

The SunJack had been charging since the sun came up and I knew I needed to charge so my phone was active until at least 5pm.  So I plugged in.

Sure enough, around 4pm I received a call from the HR person requesting that I come in the next day for a final interview.  They were down to two candidates and were making there decision that day no matter what.

While I hated cutting my camping trip short, I needed that job.  Had I not been able to receive that call, I would have certainly missed the opportunity as I obviously could not have checked my voicemail with a dead battery.

So, let’s check the Pros of this solar phone charger.

The Pros

This unit has 4 large solar panels that grab a ton of sun and charges the phone sized battery pack in under 5 hours.  This results in giving the battery pack enough juice to charge an iPhone a full 4 times!

The ability to lay the panels flat, stand them up or hang them allows you to ensure a great charge.  √ Cool feature.

The nice thing with this solar phone charger is you can charge the panels, bring only the charged battery pack and leave the panels at home.  Bring along the small USB cord and you are set.

The battery pack connects to a built in hub in the panels – there are two USB ports in the hub.

Solar Charger

Sunjack has 2 USB ports

A great feature of the unit is that you can charge your device right from the solar panels.  So, you can have your panels charging while it is charging your device.  The USB ports are unique because they put out a full 2 amps of power.

There is a handy LED display on the battery pack that shows 5 bars.  At 5 bars you are 100% charged, at 4 you are 80%, 3 is 60% and so on.

Wall charger

Battery pack plugged into wall – showing LED lights

You can also charge the battery pack from a wall outlet, which is very convenient when you have access.

The pack also has two USB output outlets for charging multiple devices at the same time.  In addition, it has a built in flashlight that is activated but holding down the button on the pack for 2 seconds.

In terms of charging time for this solar phone charger, I’ve found that on my phone (a very old iPhone 4) it charged at about 1-2% per minute.  So, from dead to full charged in about an hour.  Even after that, I had 4 bars on the battery pack left.

There is also an optional LED camp bulb, which can be purchased for outdoor (or indoor) use.  You can hand the bulb from the top of a tent to provide a great amount of light and also has a protective plastic sheathing cover.

The Cons

As far as drawbacks go, it was difficult to find one.  The zipped pouch on the back of the panels can be hard to manipulate but it is a handy feature for keeping things together.

All in all a very minor complaint as it is rare for a solar phone charger to house 4 large solar panels.

Be sure to check out the reviews on Amazon for this product as well as the upgraded 20W version.

Recommended Rating

The Verdict: 5 Stars ★★★★★

(Note: Star Rating: 5 – Must Have, 4 – Nice to Have, 3 – Somewhat Useful, 2 – Wait on It, 1 – Don’t Bother)

Overall, I would highly recommend this product as it has the key features I look for in a solar charger:

  • Gains solar power quickly
  • The battery pack is small and portable
  • Retains power for a significant amount of time

In the outdoors, this can be a valuable tool for keeping your contact with the outside world (as I certainly found out).

Click here to order yours.

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