Survival Aids

Survival Aids

Over the years I’ve purchased and tested products that I’ve recommended to friends and family.  I thought it wise to release these survival aids recommendations to our readers as well.  After all, the goal of this site is to help folks in surviving disaster.

survival aids

What better way than to have one page dedicated to emergency preparedness survival aids?

In addition, there are truly excellent books out there that help in preparing yourself and your family.  Educating you and your loved ones is one of the most important things you can do.

Some folks don’t respond to simple conversation – if they see it in print, they seem to react better.

Most of my friends that have become preppers, have done so because they read a book that I or another prepper has recommended them.  The message really seems to resonate with them as they truly seem to understand what is coming.

Note: Please be sure to frequent our advertisers’ sites as they certainly have great survival aids or products (or I would not let them advertise on our site).  

Best Survival Books

Best Survival Gear

I’ve often found that Amazon is most competitive pricing out there (this is for more than just survival aids).  This is not to say that great survival sites don’t have better prices, just that I find Amazon a great comparison site.

Also, they often carry very high quality survival aids which are thoroughly reviewed allowing you to buy with confidence.

I use them extensively and certainly would not recommend something I don’t use myself.   In terms of the best survival aids, I often buy what folks in the prepping community have recommended.  They’ve usually used the products extensively and have tested if they stand up over time.

Be sure to prepare your family properly by purchasing the right survival aids – even if not through this site.  It’s vital!