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The Home For Survival is Google PageRank 4 site and averages 15,000 to 16,000 unique visitors each month. We rank for survival prepping specific keywords and have an active following. Our news section is updated each day and the blog has 4-6 posts of unique content per month.

Ranked #1 for “survival deals”
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Ranked #1 for “doomsday preparations”
Ranked #2 for “prepping”
Ranked #3 for “shtf blog”
Ranked #4 for “shtf survival”

#30 in Top 50 Survival Blogs

68% of returning users return to the site each day.  74% within 2 days.  We can provide additional information on our sites’ statistics on request.

– Last updated December 2014

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This site is a passion for our team and we are looking to establish a long term relationship with credible and committed partners.

Please contact mike (at) thehomeforsurvival (dot com) for additional questions.