How to Create an Emergency Survival Fishing Kit

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If you’ve watched Naked and Afraid, you see the two survivalists attempt to catch fish or other marine life.  Fashioning a survival fishing kit is extremely important when surviving on the run.  Check out how we’d suggest going about pulling together your emergency fishing gear.

Growing up, most of us neither had the money nor time to go to a local shop and look for a readymade fishing line. For that matter, we were forced to improvise each and every time we wanted to go out on a fishing adventure.

This is a very simple process and unlike what most people believe, creating this survival fishing kit is not complicated as long as you know what is required. If it is your first time improvising, then you might consider writing down a list of things that you need.

If you have this survival fishing emergency kit laying around the house and you live near water, there’s no reason you can’t catch a handful of fish if done right.

Starting With The Hook

The first and most important thing that you will need is a hook which will enable you to catch the fish. The hook can be of assorted sizes depending on the kind of fish you want to catch. If you want to improvise, consider clipping a piece of a soda can tab off to create the hook.

You will also be required to have a line, preferably a foot long. If you see any need to increase the length of your fishing line, then you can use your own shoe laces or any other string that is available.

The string should be tough to eliminate chances of snapping just in case the catch is big. This fishing line will then be attached to a bobber, sinker as well as the hook.

The pole doesn’t have to be perfect and if you can fashion it from the natural resources around, the better. A great pole that you can use is something like a broom stick or even PVC pipe. Remember that it doesn’t have to be fancy with a reel. Instead, you can create something that is durable and easy for you to bring into shore.

Other Vital Survival Fishing Accessories Needed

There are other accessories which are vital when creating your own emergency survival fishing kit. One of these accessory items is the razor blade.

If you can’t find a razor blade, then the folding razor blade knife will do. The razor will help when you are fashioning your survival fishing pole and also when cutting the fishing line to the desired length in case it’s way too long.

Another important accessory item is the kit container, especially for carrying the fishing hooks. Always ensure that the containers are hard shelled in as much as they are lightweight to prevent the fishing hooks from tearing through and causing some serious accidents.

A plastic film canister or a tin box can make such fine kit containers. To prevent damage from rain or water spillage, the kit container can always be sealed with waterproof tape. This will also be effective in protecting the hooks from rust. You should carry at least 10 large, small and medium hooks.

Aside from the hooks, don’t forget the split shot. This split shot is what’s going to hold your hook underwater. If you have no weight, then chances are, your hook is going to float near the top and no fish is going to touch it.

Now, while it’s optional, it’s highly ideal that you have a smaller net. This net can be used to catch both minnows for bait and capture the fish if you’re bringing it in. This smaller net can definitely come in handy when you potentially run out of bait.

Lastly, bobbers are highly recommended if you don’t want to watch your survival fishing pole at all times. See, without a bobber, you’re going to find that you’re going to have to constantly lift your pole up and down to see if something is there. With a bobber, you can let the pole sit in the water and when the fish attacks, the bobber will go under.

The Different Kinds of Bait

The last thing that you will be required to have is the all important bait. Without the bait, the whole fishing exercise has no point as the fish will not be attracted to a shinny hook and stick their mouth out to eat it.

It’s like that you don’t have the readymade salmon eggs available (which are preserved and stored for this purpose), flies as well as earthworms can come in handy.

Once you have all the above accessories then you are ready to go out there and catch yourself some fish. You can also get a multi tool knife which will help you prepare a survival fishing pole and even when you are gutting the fish you just caught. Also remember to be patient and take note of the time that the fish come out to feed to increase the chances of you catching fish.

Other Methods To Fish

You don’t always have to fish with a fishing pole. Aside from using that pole, you can also consider spears and even your hands.

Spears work great when used at night in shallow waters, while hand fishing, also known as noodling, can be done underneath rocks, logs and other dark areas. This is one of the best ways to catch catfish.

An emergency survival fishing kit is a great thing to have around in case of an emergency or even if you’re out on a hike where there’s a lot of water. While every kit is going to be different, use the tips mentioned above to create something that works and is unique to you.

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