Long Overdue Thanks!

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A Huge Thank You!

We, at the Home For Survival, truly enjoy bringing information to the prepper community.  It is entirely a team effort from the THFS research team to our great advertisers to our wonderful team of writers.  Here’s a quick rundown of what keeps our site going.

Our Research/Writing Team

Each day, our team scours the web to bring the best, most relevant information to our readers.  It is no small task as the team does not chose just any article or blog post.  They analyze each article thoroughly to assure it will fit with the interests of our readers.

In addition, our writers come up with original and useful content for our posts each week.  The research, drafting and editing that takes place is no small task.

Finally, twice per week our team hunts for the highest quality prepper products at discounted prices.  A good deal of research goes into this and we hope you find them useful.   You can check them out here.

Survival Deals

A very overdue “thank you” from me to the entire team.

Our Sponsors

The cost of our team and site are certainly not free but our wonderful sponsors help us cover some of the cost of it all.  We ask that our readers help us out by supporting our sponsors and checking out their products/services.  We only allow sponsors that we believe in so the quality is assured.

Our sponsors include:

1. JM Bullion – your source for buying physical gold and silver.

2. Aspect Solar – maker of the Sunsocket solar generator.

3. Camping Survival – for all your outdoor survival needs.

Remember, our sponsors can be found to the right of this post.  

In addition, we have a few companies where we have an affiliate agreement.  This means, if you buy their product, the THFS team gets a percentage of the sale to help with our costs.  So, if you are looking for these types of services or products, we certainly appreciate if you can buy them through the links we have in the sidebar.

(They include: Wise Foods, SHTF Survival School and Amazon)

Thanks for our sponsors and affiliates for helping to offset the costs of updating and running our site.  We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished here and intend to keep growing!

One final “Thank You” to our passionate and knowledgeable readers.  We’ve received tons of feedback on the site and have used that feedback to improve and add where we can.  We ask that you keep sending us your thoughts and tell us what else you are looking for.

We appreciate the loyalty and seek to understand what we can provide for you to make your prepping easier and more enjoyable.  Thanks again.

If you haven’t received our “Prepping With Kids” checklist, please sign up here to receive it.

– Survivor Mike (and the THFS team)

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