Six Overlooked Tips to Stay Safe When SHTF

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Tips To Stay Safe

We’ve all heard of common things people do to prepare and protect themselves in case of a natural disaster or economic collapse – things like food storage, buying guns and such supplies. But there are other things people often overlook or don’t even think about that can be extremely helpful.

Here are some tips to stay safe when the SHTF.

Get a gas mask. There is the possibility that chemical and biological warfare can strike at any moment. What would you do if the air was deadly to breathe? Stay inside? Well, maybe for a couple of days, but eventually you’ll need to face the outdoors.

Consider getting one or picking a few up for family members might just save your life.

tips to stay safe

Hide your food storage. Pretty obvious. But what if the government searches your home in a disaster situation? They now have the authority to seize any resources you may be hoarding.

It may sound difficult to hide hundreds of pounds of food and water but it’s possible. Just hide the door leading to your storage room. Put a big bookcase in front of your door or a large plant, anything to make the door less visible.

Pay for food storage or supplies you’re hoarding with cash. The government has the power to seize resources from you at any time. Paying with cash is untraceable, unlike a card. It may seem a bit over the top but when SHTF, you never know what could happen.

Spread weapons throughout the house. Home invasions happen unexpectedly. What if your gun safe is in the basement and you’re upstairs when someone breaks in? You’re going to be in trouble.

While it is a good idea to keep guns in a safe, consider hiding a couple in different areas throughout your house. If you don’t like guns, do the same thing but instead, hide things like bats or machetes.

Get a security camera. Keep a monitor of a video feed in your kitchen or bedroom. This way you can always see if someone is approaching your home.

Also consider a nanny-cam which is very useful if you have a babysitter, or repairmen coming to your house when you’re not there. If they snoop through your house, you’ll be able to tell. Of course, you wouldn’t want people to know that you’re hoarding supplies, because if SHTF, they’ll come straight to your house demanding your supplies.

This particular camera system foiled a robbery while the homeowner was vacationing but happened to catch it on their iPhone.  Pretty cool.

The last tip, although a little extreme, make your home virtually impenetrable. Put metal bars over your windows. Burglars often break in through windows if the doors are locked. So if you really want complete protection, this is an excellent idea.

Use these fairly overlooked tips to stay safe when disaster strikes.

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