Urban Survival Mistakes That Can Make Things Worse

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Survival is something we all experience in our everyday lives; we may not notice it, but life itself is an act of survival.  Urban survival is no different.

Urban Survival

We may or may not be going through extreme conditions or something that particularly characterizes as disaster but small things like running out of water, shortage of supplies, going broke or your truck stopping in the middle of a busy road. These are just some very common examples of how, we, as humans, are vulnerable to getting into difficult situations.

urban survival

All of this, makes one a natural prepper or survivalist; whether, he or she accepts it or not. However, despite having these innate abilities to survive; some preppers, when it comes to prepping for an SHTF situation or a disastrous time, tend to make such grave mistakes that it can lead to making things more worse than they actually are.

Most of the times, when it comes to prep or survival talk; people have this perception of trying to fight for their lives on a stranded island or a wild jungle. The idea of urban survival is not something people consider much of an issue, not realizing that urban survival can sometimes be more challenging than surviving in the wild.

There are a number of problems that can hinder your chance of surviving the urban odds like finding edible plants, growing or stocking your own food with other people desperate to snatch everything that they can use for their own life, the risk of people robbing homes or money for the same reason, the open access to arms that can be easily used to manipulate anyone.

Problems like these are more common in urban survival because no matter how intensified the catastrophe is you’ll still be surrounded by a neighborhood and people who are all fighting for their lives as selfishly as you are.

Urban preppers make some very minor mistakes that can cost them their lives but there is hope because you still have time to improve your prepping and avoid those mistakes when shit actually hits the fan. While, this may have frightened you a little but don’t worry this is not going to cost any of the almighty dollars.

Keep It Low

As mentioned earlier, survival can be tough in an urban setting because you have to fight for your own life at a place where everyone would be doing the same. In an SHTF situation, make sure you don’t end up revealing about your assets, food storage or a hiding place.

Yes, even walls have ears and when disaster strikes these walls can hear even the slightest detail about where your food is stored or how much cash you have. Don’t be too loud when asking someone at home to get some canned food because if your neighbor hears that it can lead to an aggressive fight.

You obviously would not be talking too loud, outside but you have to stay extra cautious even when talking inside your home. The situation can be far worse than you could ever imagine, you can blow your own cover by giving letting people know that you’re inside your house.

Tiptoe, whisper and try to keep it as low-key as possible, because this is what real survival is all about. Keeping it quiet can be a little difficult when you have children at home so try to move to a sound proof room and if you don’t have that include this one to your to-do prep list. Even when if you’re not in an SHTF situation never brag about your prepping; in fact, keep it a secret from people other than your immediate family.

When in a compromising circumstance, your neighbor that you think is your friend and you’ve told him everything about your preparation might place a knife on your throat asking you to hand everything you have. The biggest rule of prepping is not to defend but to hide.

Stocking Up On Water

When you realize that disaster has finally struck and you have to make things in your own favor, the first thing you need to do is start stocking water through whatever means and sources available. Try to get as many containers filled, as possible – even the bathtub.

You know you’ll be running out of water in no time so a good rule of thumb is to not hesitate when stockpiling water in a bathtub or your kitchen sink.

Keep Your Survival Kit Equipped

You don’t just need a survival kit, if you’re bugging out but having a kit or bag ready, with all the essentials is as necessary when you plan to go hunker down.

For example, if your house is devastated and you have to signal for help from all the wreckage you might need a flashlight with you.

Similarly, if you get access to water from a pond or a pool that you think is contaminated then you might need water purifiers. Also, don’t rely on just one resource, make sure you have at least two or three water purifiers and filters with you.

Be Self-sufficient And Skilled

You are good on your stocks, you know you have enough food and water to last for days, but you’re out of shape and have no skills – bad news, you’re still in danger!

There can be a situation where you’ll have to dig out of danger (which can even be your own home) or a situation where you’ll need to start a fire because there is no gas. No matter how prepared you are, you would still need to master a few skills which can be a life saver in difficult times.

Learning some basic skills is not restricted to men or older men but it is something everyone should be good at – men, women, children, almost every one! Also, be quick with your decision, that’s one skill people tend to ignore because they don’t realize how essential it is to make the right call in a problem.

If you’re going to put up a fight in the face of danger, like a riot or a stampede then it is very important that you’re physically and mentally fit.

You need to be focused and you should be able to run, fight and be able to tolerate every possible problem. So, don’t ignore your own physical fitness when you still have time to prepare your body to stand through tough times.

Keep It All Planned

Even in an urban survival you might need to have everything sorted like a safe and accessible bug out location or an escape plan to get away from a riot or an attack at your home. You would not have enough time to plan all of these things in an urban survival situation.

So, it is important that you have all of this planned before anything happens. It is important that you at least have two or three ways to escape out of anywhere and have more than one bug out location.

For a situation like this, you need to know your city or town by heart, all of its shortcuts, every possible hideout, places to avoid and a lot more. This way, you’ll be able to prepare a bug out plan with a lot of options as BOLs.

James Smith is an avid prepper with a passion for self-protection at all levels. He loves to write about survival skills and techniques that can help us to survive in a teotwawki event. For more updates follow him on twitter @jamessmith1609.

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