Week #7 – SHTF Planning

Feb 19, 2012 by

 What I Did To Prep This Week – SHTF Plan Building

I worked a bit more on my SHTF plan this week with a focus on some security measures.  Take a look.

a. Hydrogen Peroxide

One must-have item for your prep storage is hydrogen peroxide.  I picked up 2 32 oz bottles of hydrogen peroxide for my storage closet.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used for a multitude of things as described in a great post on SurvivalBoards.  However, I plan to use primarily for disinfecting cuts and scrapes if things get tough.  While it stings quite a bit when put on a cut, it’s very effective at killing bacteria.  In addition, it will likely get use for keeping a cutting board clean and bacteria-free.  It could also be used as a general cleaning agent but you must be careful with it.  Keep your hydrogen peroxide in a cool and dark place to extend it’s shelf life.  And yes, hydrogen peroxide does expire (as it dilutes over time).

SHTF Planning - Hydrogen Peroxide

A good SHTF plan includes Hydrogen Peroxide

b. Food

Picked up a case of Ramen Noodles I saw on sale at Walmart.  There are varying opinions on the expiration date of Ramen but the general theme I’ve seen is 1-2 years if stored well.  This is not my primary source of food for my storage closet but thought it would add a bit of variety to what I already have.  If you want to find out more about

Ramen, their site has some useful information.

c. Security Lighting

As I mentioned last week, I planned to install some security lighting on the outside of our home.  I purchased motion detecting lights for the home for a variety of reasons.

First, a bit of energy savings and convenience.  If going out for awhile, instead of leaving your lights on outside, the motion light will engage when you enter the driveway or walk up to the front door.  The second, and more important one, is for security reasons.  In the event a burglar approaches the house, the sensor trips giving the burglar the impression that someone is awake and senses someone outside.  No burglar wants to attempt to break in while someone is awake and would likely take off.

Now, I know this will likely spark some debate as in a SHTF scenario, “bad guys” would likely not be deterred by a light.  However, my intention is more for as we build towards TEOTWAWKI.  It doesn’t hurt to help protect your home now with simple measures.  I installed one at the front door, one outside the garage and two on the back of the house.  We picked up these lights on sale at Lowes.  They were simple to install and fairly decorative – which the wife liked.  ; )

What’s Planned For Next Week?

The plan for this week is to stock up on some food and install a lock that I purchased for the garage.

What have you done this week to build your SHTF plan?


  1. Mike

    I completed my medical preparedness plan.
    I have a list of antibiotics that I wish to store; going to order them shortly.

  2. undergroundp

    by getting a pint of 40 vol clear developer from the beauty supply you get %12 peroxide , last longer goes farther .