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Jun 5, 2013 by

As our costs to run this blog increase we have recently accepted some advertising from relevant and reputable sponsors.  Our first featured sponsor is Aspect Solar which features the SUNSOCKET™ solar generator.  Each one of us have thought about a portable solar generator at one time or another for our prepping list.

The SUNSOCKET™ solar generator is an advanced technology portable solar power generator, which provides off-grid power to individuals and groups of users in various scenarios.  More specifically, this generator is the only generator in the world that uses sun-tracking technology.  This tracking technology is essential to maximize the efficiency of the solar panels throughout the day thus provided the fastest charge possible.  Without it, the user would need to manually re-position their solar panels at least every hour to ensure that they are collecting enough energy from the sun to recharge their batteries.


The SUNSOCKET™ solar generator is also the only generator in the world that includes a 250Wh battery with built in 60-watt solar panels in an all-in-one integrated case design weighing a mere 25 pounds.  In good sunlight, this generator charges completely in only 5 hours.  Built into the generator are 4 USB outputs, a 12V DC output, and a 100-watt universal AC inverter, giving users the ability to power multiple devices simultaneously.  The use of a long life lithium iron phosphate battery makes this solar generator ideal for preppers as it can sit idle for years without losing significant power.  Users also never need to worry about losing parts or essential cables as everything they need is already built directly into the case.

Welcome Aspect Solar and be sure to check them out on Twitter at @AspectSolar.

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