Will Death of Kim Jong Il Spark War?

Dec 19, 2011 by

The death of North Korea leader Kim Jong Il has made national headlines and rightly so.  North Korea, a volatile nation to start, is now in a period of mourning.  However, there is a quite a bit of concern that Ill’s son and successor, Kim Jong-un, is a bit of a wild card.   In fact, there are concerns that he may not have the backing of the military and other key leadership circles within North Korea:

from Reuters


North Korea’s official KCNA news agency lauded Kim’s youngest son, Kim Jong-un as “the outstanding leader of our party, army and people.”


“We have esteemed comrade Kim Jong-un,” KCNA led a dispatch that said North Koreans from all walks of life are in utter despair but were finding comfort in the “absolute surety that the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong-un will lead and succeed the great task of revolutionary enterprise.”


But there was uncertainty about how much support the third generation of the North’s ruling dynasty has among the ruling elite, especially in the military, and worry he might need a military show of strength to help establish his credentials.

Let’s hope he doesn’t need the show of strength to prove himself.  Let’s hope the education he received in Switzerland gets put to good use and he doesn’t make a hasty decision to do something foolish. 

Also, is anyone else blown away by the videos of North Koreans weeping and sobbing when hearing the news of his passing.  It either speaks to how brainwashed these people are OR how misguided the media in the West is spinning his way of governing. 

What do you think?


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